In general there are 4 different roles at Slooptools:

  • User
  • Company
  • Purchaser
  • Provider

SloopTools Roles


Registered users are natural persons who log in to the store but without a connection (accessor) to a company on the B2B platform Slooptools have no rights to buy an add-on. The only exception is the purchase of a demo license. Users without company assignment can order the 5-day demo version of each add-on via the shopping cart.
Details about User

SloopTools User


Companies are legal entities who want to shop in the store. A company can be created by a user and other users can be invited to a company. Users may be authorized by a company to place orders or use purchased licenses ( accessor ). The orders and licenses always belong to the company.
Details about Company and Accessor

SloopTools Company


Purchasers are users or companies who buy and use add-ons from other providers in the store. Every new company is initially classified as a Purchaser.
Details about Purchasing

As a purchaser at SloopTools you have the following advantages:

  • Purchase on the largest platform for industrial software
  • SloopTools is the "single point of information" for industrial software

SloopTools Purchaser


Providers are those companies that offer add-ons on SloopTools for sale. To become a provider, a company must be promoted. After upgrading, the company gets access to SloopTools.
Details about Provider Backend

Upgrading to a provider has the following benefits:

  • A provider can sell his own add-ons
  • A provider can achieve continuous sales through a wide variety of licensing models
  • A provider can use SloopTools as a new platform to present themselves
  • A provider can improve its add-on through customer feedback
  • SloopTools takes over the contract
  • SloopTools handles payment transactions

SloopTools Provider

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