There are several ways to find the right add-on. In addition to a clear display of the add-ons, the store also offers a search function with vivid results as well as a filter option on categories. The details of an add-on can be seen under the chapter add-on.


Search function

Filter on categories

(here on plant components)

Shopping cart

In the shopping cart all configurations are stored and clearly displayed. These can only be deleted and not modified in the shopping cart. The shopping cart calculates, at the bottom right, a complete price over all configuration and gives the possibility to continue shopping or to place the order (checkout). Checkout checks whether the user has one or more "purchasers" rights. All companies in which the user has this right are listed to the user so that he can decide on which invoice the order is going. If the user does not have a "purchaser" rights with a company, then the order is automatically processed to the user account.

There is only the possibility to specify a company per order. It cannot be split later.

After checkout, the orders are shown under my account/my orders.


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