License types

SloopTools currently supports two types of licenses: project licenses and single-site licenses. For both types there are additionally three license models: one-time payment, subscription and pay-per-use. Each provider decides for itself which license types and license models he supports with his Add-on. The supported license types/license models are shown in the store as well as in the respective detail pages of the Add-ons and can be switched to see the different prices.

Project Licenses

In the project license variant, a license from an Add-on is always assigned to a project. As long as the license for a project is activated, only this project can use the respective license. Only after the activated license is returned and activated on another project it can be used.

Single-Site Licenses

A seat license is always tied to a computer (site). The license can therefore be used for all projects in this site. This allows various new use cases and uses of the Add-ons. Especially for engineering Add-ons or use on build-machines, this type of license makes sense, so that you can access the license on several projects on an engineering PC. Whether the license for all projects that access is valid at the same time or only one project at the same time can use the license, the Add-on creator can determine itself via the API functions. It is possible, as with project licenses, to return the license and activate it on another computer.

Licensing models

OTP One-time Payment

These types of licenses are paid once and can be used for an indefinite period of time for one Add-on version per deployment (eg a WinCC OA project). Whether this can be used after an Add-on update depends on the versioning or on whether an upgrade right was included or was purchased with the purchase.

Information for the Provider

SUB Subscription

These types of licenses must be paid regularly (annually) in order to be valid. The licenses therefore have a date on which they become invalid. If the license costs have been paid before the next due date, it is possible to extend the license via the installer. Whether Add-ons with this type of licensing can be used after an update depends on the versioning or on whether an upgrade right was included or purchased with the purchase ,

Information for the provider

PPU Pay-per-use

This type of license usually refers to a certain use of actions (eg, the activation of widgets) or periods (eg hours of use) that can be accurately accounted for. Which actions or uses are calculated, the provider can choose freely. Details can be found on the Add-on details page.

Information for the provider

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