Central cost accounting

SloopTools positions itself in the context of the store as an intermediary between Purchaser and Provider. SloopTools offers contract processing and centralized cost processing as a service. Here SloopTools occurs only in the mediator role. This means SloopTools provides contract templates that the provider can use. Once a purchase is made, there is a legitimate legal transaction between buyer (Purchaser) and seller (Provider). The contract as well as the invoice will be created in the name of the purchaser and provider and sent by e-mail. Legal topics, such as warranty and liability, are thus located at the provider of the Add-on and not at SloopTools.

SloopTools takes over the payment request as well as the money transaction of the purchaser in order to ensure a simplified and quick payment process. The intermediary fee is calculated and deducted from the cash receipt. The share of the provider is collected at the end of the month with other purchases and transmitted in a collective transfer with invoice.

Um diese Kostenabrechung so optimal und einfach zu gestalten, hat SloopTools folgende Aspekte berücksichtigt:

In order to make this costing so optimal and easy, SloopTools has considered the following aspects:

  • VAT regulation in the European Union
  • Offer
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice

VAT regulation in the European Union

In the European Union, the following VAT regulations can be applied. These were taken into account for all the following cases:

  • Intra-Community deliveries – B2B
    • This is a pure B2B sale and therefore every buyer and seller (provider) must have a valid UID number available.
  • Reverse Charge - reversing the tax debt for cross-border services - B2B
    • For cross-country sales, no sales tax (VAT) will be shown on the documents.
  • Country-specific VAT
    • For sales in which the provider and the purchaser come from the same country, the country-specific VAT is charged.


Each user can create offers for the authorized companies via configured Add-ons. These offers are normally valid for 30 days. Such an offer can certainly create the user from the cart by pressing the "Get Quote" button. The offer will be sent as a PDF by mail and stored under MyAccount - My Quotes. If the user wants to make use of the offer, he can immediately order it via MyAccount - MyQuotes via a button. Also submitted with the offer is the license agreement which would become valid only after the purchase.

Add-ons from different providers and from different countries can be combined in an offer. Here, the VAT is calculated and reported for each provider. On the offer you have as a sum the amount for the bill and the annual payments, which result from the configuration shown.

Here is an example of an offer with a provider from the same country as the Purchaser and a provider from another EU country.

Purchase Order

As soon as an offer or directly the content of the shopping cart is bought via the button, an order confirmation is triggered. This order confirmation is normally valid for 30 days. The structure of the order confirmation is similar to the offer. In addition to the offer, the order confirmation contains the request for payment of the complete sum of the order on the SloopTools account. Once the money has arrived on the SloopTools account, the invoice and the license will be generated and made available to the customer.

Enclosed the order confirmation of the same content as the sample offer.


The invoice will be created as soon as the money in the order has arrived at the SloopTools account. With the invoice, the license agreement for the respective Add-on will be sent by e-mail. Should the order, as in the above example, contain several Add-ons, a separate invoice and license agreement will be created for each Add-on. This is necessary because the legitimate legal transaction between Provider and Purchaser comes about.

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