Everyone can register on the SlooptTools Store. There are no restrictions here. Restrictions are only available at the country level when shopping. (Details zum Einkaufen)
To register, the Terms of Use must be accepted by SloopTools. Thereafter, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified e-mail. Once this has been confirmed, the registration is complete and the user can log in.



After a successful registration, the user can log in and has access to the following areas:

  • Shopping in the store (Details)
  • My Account Infos (Details)
  • Download the installer (Details)
  • Access to the provider administration area (Details)



My Account

Here, data about the user's account is displayed. Currently the following are:

  • My User
  • My Orders
  • My Company
  • My Quotes
  • My Tickets


My Account

My User

Here the user can manage his personal data. All fields marked with "*" must be filled in order to update the data.

The password can be changed via an own action.


My User

My Orders

This page can also be accessed via the context menu of the account. All orders are listed. You can apply two filters here.

  • Status - Here you can filter between open, closed and canceled orders
  • Origin - If the user is accessor at other companies, you can filter here for these companies


My Orders

My Company

Under My Company all companies are listed in which the user is registered as an accessor. If this list is empty, the user can create a company himself. Details of the company see Rollen

If you select one of the companies, you have access to the following areas, concerning the permissions:

  • Settings
    • Editor - can edit
    • Licenser & Purchaser - can see
  • Accessor
    • Editor - can edit
    • Licenser & Purchaser - can see
  • Orders
    • Can only be considered.


My Company


Here you can enter or update the data of the company.

Currently, the email of a company is not verified and is easily changeable, but this is soon changed by a similar process as the registration.

All fields marked with "*" must be filled in order to update the data.

The State designates the role of the company. For details about the roles see roles.

If a company wants to be promoted to the state "Provider", a user who is registered as an accessor, with the permission Editor, must press the button "Upgrade to Provider". This opens a window in which you get the benefits of the provider again explained and then finally send the request to SloopTools.

To become a provider, special contracts are closed for sale through SloopTools.

As long as these contracts are not signed and SloopTools has not confirmed the request, the status will remain "Provider Status in Request".

From the time "Provider Status in Request" a new field Provider Shortsign will be displayed. The shortsign will be used later on the technical name Add-ons. The shortign is clearly above all providers and can consist of a maximum of 5 alphanumeric characters. As long as no shortsign is registered, you can not create an Add-on.


My Company Settings1 My Company Settings2


In order to simplify licensing and the use of licenses in companies or between partners, an authorized user can purchase licenses for Add-ons and have other users / partners consume them. The user / partner would then be an accessor. This bypasses a complicated reclaiming of purchases of users on the user account or project allocations. The accessor role is assigned automatically as soon as a company links a user and assigns rights.

There are the following rights:

  • Licenser / Lizenzverbraucher - With this authorization the user can activate licenses of the company with his user. The license is not transferred into the possession of the user.
  • Purchaser / License Buyer - With this authorization the user can buy licenses in the store in the name of the company
  • Editor / Editor - With this permission the user can edit the data of the company as well as add, delete or edit accessors

Other fields:

  • Position - Currently only CEO, Project Manager and Other are shown. This list will be gradually expanded
  • Type - Here you can distinguish whether the user internally or externally. This setting can then be used for filtering.


My Company Accessor

The addition of accessors is supported by its own pop-up, which recognizes the SloopTools user based on the e-mail. If the e-mail is entered incorrectly or the user is not yet known to SloopTools, no addition can be made.

Editing the accessor also happens in this area. The e-mail can not be changed. If a user changes his e-mail, he must be added.

A user can only delete other accessors so that the company always has at least one user. If you want to delete the company, this goes under the settings.

My (Company) Orders

Here you can see the orders like under My Orders but the filter Origin is set to the company you are in.


My Company Orders

My Quotes

Under the section My Quotes all offers are listed and can be ordered directly.

My Tickets

My Tickets

This page can also be reached via the context menu of the account. All tickets are listed that have been created with the respective user. In addition, tickets are displayed which have been assigned to the user associated companies.

Example: The user is accessor of the company A which sells an Add-on A1. User B finds an error with the Add-on A1 and creates a ticket. This is assigned to company A. Therefore, the user can view and edit this ticket in his list.

Create a ticket

Create Ticket

The following fields are part of a ticket:

Felder Beschreibung mandatory
Subject Title of the error x
Component x
Add-on If an Add-on is affected, it must be specified here
Version Version of the affected Add-on
Impact Impact on the workflow
Reproducability Reproducibility of the error
Visibility Visibility for the ticket (private / company) x
OS Operating system on which the error occurs
SCADA SCADA of the Add-on (if available)
SCADA Version Version of the SCADA
Installer Version Version of the Installers
Description Detail Description of the Error x
Steps to Reproduce Steps to reproduce the error (if possible)
Additional Infos Additional information about the errors
Attachments Additional helpful files to identify the error

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