Contract management

SloopTools positions itself in the context of the store as an intermediary between Purchaser and Provider. SloopTools offers contract processing and centralized cost processing as a service. Here SloopTools occurs only in the mediator role. This means SloopTools provides contract templates that the provider can use. Once a purchase is made, there is a legitimate legal transaction between buyer (Purchaser) and seller (Provider). The contract and the invoice will be created in the name of the purchaser and provider. Legal topics, such as warranty and liability, are thus located at the provider of the Add-on and not at SloopTools. SloopTools takes over the payment request as well as the money transaction of the purchaser in order to ensure a simplified and quick payment process. The intermediary fee is calculated and deducted from the cash receipt. The share of the provider is collected at the end of the month with other purchases and transmitted in a collective transfer with invoice.

By default, every time, the currently available sample contract from SloopTools will be used and filled with all relevant data from the purchase.

For each Add-on it is possible to create a "custom" license agreement. This will then be used instead of the model contract and filled in with all relevant data from the purchase. Details under Add-on Administration

Enclosed are two examples of license agreements that have been designed to fit the bill and were also delivered with this.

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